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Custom Rifles & Gunsmithing 

Denver, CO | 303-378-9609

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Barrel work 

Stock work

Action/Bolt work

Chamber barrel blank with muzzle threads and target crown- $450

Crown barrel- $100

Thread muzzle- $150-$175

Cut barrel down and thread with target crown-$185

Thread muzzle and fit/contour brake- $175-$200

Custom thread protector- $50

Beadblast barrel- $75

Throat barrel to supplied dummy round- $75

Cerakote barrel-$100

CNC M5 inlet for Remington long and short actions- $150

Skim bed aluminum chassis stocks- $200

Pillar bed- $300

Inlet barrel channel - $80

Sling swivel studs- $50

Recoil pad install- $200

Blueprint action/bolt- $300

Pin recoil lug (Rem 700)- $50

Badger bolt knob- $85

Convert 6-40 to 8-40 screws- $25 per hole

Adjust trigger- $75

 Call or text with questions about any other services not listed. 



Black Canyon Customs is a small rifle shop focused on the highest standards and exceeding expectations.

I am Fritz Ahlquist and I hand craft precision rifles.

I also fix, upgrade and service existing rifles.

I started out by getting my feet wet at the Colorado School of Trades®, then immediately going full time with a very good local shop. 13 years later I found myself working at the prestigious Mile High Shooting® with some of the very best gunsmiths in the country. There I became one of these gunsmiths and that's not me saying it, it's those gunsmiths who are now recommending me to do what they used to.

I was excited to start my own business because in those 17 years working with consummate pros I was honed into a precision machine with a brain, so it’s no longer a career, it’s my craft and I can’t get enough of it.

Here you won't have to wonder who is working on your rifle behind the scenes, you will always work directly with me, start to finish.


Appointment Only: Call, Text or email



Black Canyon Customs, LLC

1331 W Evans Ave

Denver, CO 80223


Appointment Only

Call, text, or email

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